Aikido in Daily Life: May 2017

Through Ukemi, we learn to be connected to the nage. As the nage moves we adjust to their movements. Following closely and with a highly responsive awareness that allows us to protect ourselves and shape the results of the interaction. For most (hopefully all) of us, it’s very unlikely that we will be engaged in a physical altercation but the responsive awareness we’re developing in our practice has immense benefit in our daily lives. It’s through engaging with others and our environment with ever increasing awareness that we can respond constructively and shape the outcomes of our daily interactions.

Misogi Harai

Misogi Harai means polishing the dust off of the mirror. This past month, Aikido Olympia hosted promotional demonstrations. It was wonderful to come together as a community and participate in this event (and the “snackluck” that followed). And, as with many Aikido practices, there are many layers to this activity. It is easy to view promotional demonstrations as a way showing our community what skills have been learned or showcasing many months of practice. At another level, these events are very personal and much more a form of ukemi, or putting yourself out there, extending energy, and accepting the outcomes. Those participating in the demonstrations, have to take one more step toward polishing the dust off of their mirror and learning more about themselves.

Aikido in Daily Life – April 2017

”Aikido is a do or a way of being. Which is different than collecting techniques- that is a jutsu.” This is a phrase that almost all of us have heard at the first class of every month, where new students are welcomed to Aikido Olympia. In our training we all occasionally get carried away with the technique and occasionally need a reminder that Aikido is done with a partner for many reasons. Most importantly is that this partnership, when in harmony creates a special a kind of a mirror. A mirror that reflects our own abilities, biases, weaknesses, and motivations. And, if we can extend this practice of building harmonious partnerships outside the dojo, there is a possibility that we can create these mirrors in other parts of our life as well. Imagine the self awareness and personal development that could come from that…