Aikido Olympia Dojo Fee Changes in 2019

Aikido Olympia has carefully evaluated our fee schedule as we move into 2019. As an organization, it is important for us to keep costs low and to make Aikido accessible to as many people as possible. We do this by working to negotiate the lowest rent that we can, minimizing our use of utilities, relying on all of our non-profit board members to contribute to the overall upkeep and operations, and, of course, continuing a tradition of our instructors volunteering. And, we also appreciate the training space in downtown Olympia that we’ve developed over the years.  

To continue operating the Aikido Olympia dojo as we have, fees will have to be increased in 2019. The plan is to increase the monthly dues by $10 for adults and students. The drop-in rate will also be increased from $15 to $20. Finally, we will increase the Annual Dojo Maintenance Fee by $10 for adults and $5 for students. To continue supporting families who participate in our dojo, we’re simplifying things and taking $15 off for each additional family member. 

Beginning January 2019


Annual Dojo Maintenance








$20 (per visit)


Senior Center/Parks & Rec/Evergreen

As described in flyer

None – though donations welcome

These fees will go into effect on January 1st, 2019. If you have questions or would like to provide feedback on this, please let an instructor know. 


By Nate Weed

Aikido Olympia Non-Profit Status Update

Throughout 2017 (and maybe a little of 2016), several members of our dojo have been working on officially establishing Aikido Olympia as a non-profit organization. Aikido Olympia has operated for many years as a 100% volunteer organization where dues and donations go toward mats, rent, utilities, and the occasional new fan, but we weren’t actually incorporated as a non-profit organization.

Well, we recently received our letter from the State of Washington recognizing our organization in this new status. This change in our organizational status won’t change the fact that we are a member supported, volunteer organization but we hope that it will help open up new relationships and opportunities.