To our Aikido Olympia Community:


Although no one at the dojo has been evaluated as having the Covid-19 virus, we are following recommendations from the Department of Health and local physicians and suspending practices immediately. The goal of all of these measures is to not only protect individual health but to protect our community’s health as well. These strategies work best when communities simultaneously implement as many of these measures as they can. With our practice, it is most congruent to harmonize with this approach.

  • March 14- March 31 – Classes suspended. Demonstrations and tests planned for March 27 are postponed until April 24.
  • March 31 – Re-evaluation of dojo closure and notification to dojo community whether we remain closed or re-open.
  • April 1 – April 15 – Dojo remains closed if determined on March 31. Re-evaluation of dojo operations on April 15 with notification to dojo community.

For those who have paid for March, we would carry that payment over to April.

Keep practicing the kata and exercises at home. Do breathing exercises. Attend to Ma-ai (social distancing). Be calm. Stay connected through social media.

Thank you for your understanding.