Adult Aikido

Basic/Beginning Aikido: Basic principles of Ki and Aikido will be covered, including Ki breathing methods, and the application of Ki and Aikido philosophy to daily life. Ki development and movement exercises (Aiki-taiso) will be covered in-depth, and basic Aikido arts will be introduced, including ukemi (the art of falling). *This class generally revolves each month to support beginning students and reaffirm basic practices and arts—However, beginners may start anytime after watching at least 1 class and being willing to commit to a month of classes.

General/Intermediate Aikido: For students comfortable will all types of ukemi (falling), more advanced Aikido arts are practiced, including jo (wooden staff) and bokken (wooden sword).

Aikido Open Mat: Open Mat is designed to give students time on the mat to practice building their own skills through supported independent practice. Instructors are senior students who can support the newer student as well as assist more advanced students in gaining competencies in practice.