Side Disciplines

Our practice includes instruction in several side disciplines related to Aikido.  Included in our regular training are ki breathing methods, hara development, and weapons.  We offer additional opportunities for self-development and training.

Seated Meditation

Zazen, often practiced as seated meditation, is a compliment to the moving meditation of Aikido.  It refers to the total interfusion of mind and body to attain realization of The True Self.  According to Eno Daikan Zenji (Hui-Neng in Chinese, the Sixth Patriarch of Rinzai Zen), “to sit mean to be free from all obstacles and not allow thoughts to rise from the mind,” to be immovable yet completely free.  Our practice focuses on breathing, posture, and focused concentration.  Complete stillness and cultivated sensitivity lead to a state of simultaneous deep relaxation and focused awareness.  Introductory classes are available and all are welcome.

Bell Misogi

“Soku Shin No Gyo” (breath/mind training), also known as “Misogi”, is one of the most important side-disciplines of Aikido. Its purpose is to unify mind and body in the midst of chaos. The essential elements are sitting seiza, chanting, ringing of the suzu (bell), and controlled breathing. Aikido practitioners at any level as well as community members are welcome to join us for this practice