Fee Schedule

Payments provide for you dojo membership and not skill or rank. They help maintain dojo activity and stability. Payments provide for the opportunity to preserve the tradition and spirit of Aikido as brought to the Olympia area by Yoshihiko Hirata Sensei in 1973. Payments sustain our dojo through financial stability. All fee payments go towards our ever-increasing rent, utility costs, and other dojo maintenance.

Our instructors are not financially compensated. Instead, they volunteer their time and efforts as a means of perpetuating their own practice and as a way of contributing to the Olympia community by making Aikido training available to everyone. They act out of a deep appreciation for the art of Aikido and out of gratitude for the gifts they have received from their teachers.

Youth (6-17 years) $40
Adult $60

When joining the Dojo for any class, each student will include the annual membership fee along with monthly tuition. Annual membership fees are generally paid each January.

Youth and Students$80 per month
Adult (18+)$90 per month, all classes, including Zen and Misogi
Family Aikido$15 discount for 2nd family member
Zen/Misogi ONLY$20 per month

Zazenkai Donation
Other special training in Zen, Okyo, Shodo, TaiChi.
Special Aikido Focus classes $10 per person
Periodic special classes for test preparation, weapons (jyo, bokken, tanto)

Adult Visitor Drop-in Fee$20/day – ALL classes

Kyu TestYouth $5Adults $10
Dan TestShodan (~$100)Nidan (~$200)Sandan (~$300)

Please make checks payable to Aikido Olympia. Thank you!