Aikido Olympia Seminar

Koretoshi Maruyama sensei
Founder of Aikido Yuishinkai

Master Koretoshi Maruyama, Founder of Aikido Yuishinkai, will be in Olympia Spring 2020.

Thursday, May 21 – Sunday, May 24, 2020

Aikido Yuishinkai is dedicated to the study of Aikido. Aikido Yuishinkai is based on Master Maruyama’s interpretation of studying Aikido directly under the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba.

Master Maruyama believes Aikido is true Budo and although incorporating core body principles and basic waza, the highest level taught by Master Maruyama is the principle “I am mind itself”.

Seminar Schedule
Thursday6:00p – 8:00pIntro to Aikido$50
Friday10:00a – 12:00pTechniques*$150
 2:00p – 4:00p
Saturday10:00a – 12:00pWeapons*$150
2:00p – 4:00p
Sunday9:00a – 12:00p$65
Full Seminar(all days)$275

*subject to changes

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