General Update

It has been a little while since we’ve provided a general update on Aikido Olympia.  In short, we’re doing great.  Amy and Sierra are beginning to teach our kids class, which is growing and adding great energy to the Dojo.  We have a few new adult students and a solid group of people training regularly. This is certainly helping us maintain a strong training atmosphere and support the development of our fellow students. The teenager class is starting to grow and appears to give this group both the physicality and greater focus they seem to appreciate. Finally, Will has re-energized Monday evening Zazen training,  and that is beginning to strike a good rhythm. 

Beyond our training, the organization is also going strong. Our volunteer instructors (which is all of us) are enjoying the opportunities to share Aikido with others and see you all develop. Financially, our current dues are meeting our few obligations. And, our mats and training space are well maintained. 

Nate Weed