Bell Misogi Returns to Saturday Mornings

Throughout the pandemic, Aikido Olympia has suspended our Saturday morning practice of bell misogi. Starting on April 2nd, we will resume our bell misogi practice every Saturday morning from 7:30 to 8:15. This will mean that we’ll also be adjusting our regular Saturday morning schedule and beginning the general Aikido class at 8:30.

For those not familiar with misogi, it is a side practice that goes along with Aikido. There are many ways to practice misogi (immersing ones self in cold water, doing 1000 bokken cuts, and our approach which included vigorously ringing a bell and chanting while seated). Bell misogi (Soku Shin no Gyo)  is a practice that originated in an intense school of kenjutsu founded by Yamaoka Tesshu and has been carried into the 21st century by his students. 

The purpose of misogi is to help unify the mind and the body while forging the spirit. If you’re interested (or have been waiting patiently for the return of this practice), we look forward to seeing you on Saturday mornings.

By Nate Weed