Aikido in Daily Life – April 2022

We come to our dojo to train so that we’re better able to apply the principles of Aikido in our daily lives.

Reflecting on the plan to begin Misogi this month, Aikido practice when approached with seriousness and intention is a form of misogi. At the core, misogi is about doing something hard, that requires commitment, and may well lead to failure in order for us to further develop as human beings. 

Each time we step onto the mats and commit to a technique with our minds and bodies unified, we have a single opportunity to learn something about ourselves. Each and every shomenuchi, yokomenuchi, or other attack will result in a unique event in which the energy we’re committing is transformed into something bigger, something connected beyond our local selves. In this transformation we gather insights (if we’re paying attention) about our own fears, biases, and areas for further progress. Sometimes this learning is subtle and other times it can be rather profound but the opportunity is precious and with repeated moments we have a valuable process for improving ourselves. 

By Nate Weed