Upcoming Testing and Seminar

Jim West Sensei is planning on coming to Olympia May 9th through May 14th. During this time, he’s planning to teach a couple of classes, help conduct some promotional demonstrations, and lead a seminar. We’re also planning a bit of social time to get together and connect. 

Tuesday, May 10th West Sensei will teach classes as normally scheduled

Thursday, May 12th, we will hold promotional demonstrations for color belt ranks beginning at 5:30 (we may have a couple of people testing for blackbelt ranks doing some demonstrations as well)

Friday May 13th, those testing for Yudansha (blackbelt) ranks will perform their promotional demonstrations beginning at 5:30. These demonstrations are a little long and we have several people testing so we’ve decided to split the demonstrations up just a little bit. 

Saturday May 14th, we’ll have bell misogi at 7:30 and then host a seminar from 9:00 – 11:30. Following that, we’re working on a location for a potluck/barbecue for everyone to get together. 

By Nate Weed